Wide Format Digital

Wide Format Prints, Pop-Up Stands & Roller Banners For Indoors & Out

If you need wide-format prints, roller banners and stands for indoor or outdoor events like seminars, training courses, client presentations or exhibitions then you’ve come to the right place.

Our new fleet of three Ricoh L5160 machines harnesses the latest technology together with water-resistant latex inks so that we can print wider, faster and at a higher resolution for you than ever before.

We can print up to:

  • 1625 mm wide on gloss or satin paper and many other media such as PVC, mesh and clear film.
  • 46 or 25 square metres of material per hour on outdoor and indoor material respectively.
  • Six colours of vivid and eye-catching output at a maximum resolution of 1200 DPI.

To finish we can:

  • Laminate with either gloss or matt film.
  • Cut to any shape.
  • Mount onto foam board or rigid substrates.

Printing with latex inks helps us to tick the eco-friendly box for you as well. The latex ink used in our machines has been certified to meet the Greenguard Gold standard due to the ultra-low level of chemicals emitted during production.