Personalised Print

Personalised Print with Variable Data

Marketing and Customer Relations Departments read on:

  • Personalised print is the future! Our variable-data software allows us to produce brochures, mailings or cross-media campaigns personalised to your target audience.
  • Personalised print engages people immediately and can help to start a relationship or cement an existing one, either off-line or by drawing people on-line and talking to them about subjects they care about.

Examples of personalised print in action include:

  • Using a printed QR Code to take a client on-line where they are offered an incentive to provide personal information which could then be used to tailor communications with them in future.
  • Printing a QR code on an invitation to take clients to a dedicated micro-site where they can register for an event and find out more information.

Case Study

Monteray Domestic Systems - Water Logbooks

“I was approached by my client’s facilities company to produce presentation binders to hold documentation and inspection logs for all of their estate. The four thousand sites are allocated an individual building code and are rated with a three tier class system. Once the binders had been produced, they were collated by class then region, palletised and sent to fourteen regional managers to be cascaded to their aligned sites.

There were only three versions of content however each binder had to be printed with variable data on its front cover and spine. It was a complex project for a new business client who had previously used my clients internal print procurement team and therefore for several reasons I was incredibly keen for the project to be a success.

Gilmex supported the opportunity by supplying numerous quotes, hard copy samples and studio artwork amendments. This greatly assisted me with gaining the client’s confidence by demonstrating our capabilities which I believe was a definite asset to the selling cycle.

Post project, I was particularly impressed with Gilmex by the level of detail on the outer box to assist the regional manager with the cascade which was not part of the original brief and also the fact this was produced during the Christmas week”

Karl Hall
Document Advisor